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The Snowstorm

Drama “Snowstorm” by V. Sigarev (based on Alexander Pushkin’s novel “Snowstorm”) Year 2014 Director M. Sokolov State Russian Drama Theatre, Izhevsk, Russia   Production Images   Set Sketches   Posters

The Wilderness

Concert “The Wilderness” Year 2014 Theatrical musical show based on newest music, written today and inspired by strength and beauty of nature. In programme: Max Richter (the New Zealand’s premiere...

The Pacific Muse

Dance work “The Pacific Muse” Year 2013 Director-choreographer Tepaeru-Ariki Lulu French Independent theatre company, Tempo dance festival Q Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand A dance piece based on Polynesian culture and...

Like this, like us

Dance work “Like This, Like Us” Year 2013 Director-choreographer Oliver Connew Salted:Singlet Theater Company, Auckland, New Zealand   Production Images   Set Sketches   Costume Sketches


Drama “Dreamers” by M. Fermo (based on “The doors are slammed”) Director  S. Serzin Akimov State Academic Comedy Theatre, Saint Petersburg, Russia   Production Images   Costume Sketches   Set...

Mozart and Salieri

Drama “Mozart and Salieri” by Alexander Pushkin Year 2013 Director Roland Bonnin Aux rages de l`Ame Theater Company, Marsel, Paris, France   Production Images   Costume Images   Costume Sketches   Poster...


Drama “North” by Vyacheslav  Durnenkov Year 2012 Director  S. Serzin Creative residence Theatre Union of Russia “New Theatre Reality” Theatre Centre “Na Strastnom“, Moscow, Russia The Feodor Volkov’s Drama Theatre, Yaroslavl, Russia...

The Night Bell

Opera “The Night Bell” by Gaetano Donizetti Year 2011 Director V. Pitalsky Krasnoyarsk Musical Theater, Krasnoyarsk, Russia   Costume Sketches

The Third

Dance work “The Third” Year 2012 Director T. Priyatkina Сhoreographer Alexander Lyubashin Black Box Theatre (House of Dance “Kannon Dance”), Saint Petersburg, Russia   Production Images   Poster


Drama “Pornography” by Yuri Muravitsky Year 2012 Director  S. Serzin Art laboratory for playwrights, directors and set designers “Na Begovoy #5” Playwright and Director Theatre A. Kazantsev and M.Roshchin, Moscow, Russia...