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Dance work “Fade” Year 2012 Dance director and choreographer Alexander Lyubashin Theatre Company “Bay Bay Ballet”, Saint Petersburg, Russia Contemporary dance in the multimedia space.   Production Images   Posters  ...

The Servant of Two Masters

Comedy “The Servant of Two Masters” by Carlo Goldoni Year 2014 Director Roland Bonnin The State Academic Drama Theatre of V. Savin, Komi Republic, Syktyvkar, Russia   Production Images   Posters  ...

The Antibodies

Drama “Antibodies” by V. Sovlachkov Year 2011 Director  Michael Patlasov Theatre Festival Baltic House, a documentary scene, Saint Petersburg, Russia Watch online.   Production Images

Be at the Ark by eight

Drama “Be at the Ark by eight” by Ulrich Hub Year 2011 Director D. Shibaev Petrozavodsk National Theatre, Petrozavodsk, Russia   Production Images   Set Sketches   Costume Sketches